Pulsars, Plants, and Present Participles

'Journeys in Hong Kong and Beyond'

Year of the Ram

CNY, no not Crosby, Nash, Young, I don’t think Stills would approve.  HK CNY as I have come to see it written in print articles and online tour advisories, stands for Hong Kong Chinese New Year.  More accurately/simply it is the lunar new year. CNY is a festive week of visiting family, and handing out…

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I’m Not a Foodie

I was going to post a blog about the diet I intended to take, but then I realized that if I post it I have to stick with it, and that was not going to happen. Instead, I am going to blog about all the wonderful food I have been chewing down on here in Hong…

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No Translation to Be Had

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you? I seem to have one almost every other evening. My apartment complex employees security guards… no, front desk reception… let’s just call them door-watchers. Combined these lovely people know a handful of English. Which, I should add, is better than my…

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