Pulsars, Plants, and Present Participles

'Journeys in Hong Kong and Beyond'

It’s Been Awhile

Hello Readers, It has been awhile. Surprise, surprise! This 6-month gap is becoming the norm it would seem. It is not that I haven’t had anything to write about; in fact the last 6 months have been rather eventful. Many blogs have been started and discarded over the period. But here I am back to…

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First Day Back to Work

It’s Monday afternoon, quarter after four, by the time I am done this entry I’ll be on my way home from IMS.  Today we met for day 1 of staff week, the kids will arrive next Monday.  We started the day with all the campuses together in the hall here at my own campus Stanley,…

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Greek Excursion #The Booths

When I bought my plane ticket to Prague I was under the assumption that my old friend Brandon was still living there.  My intention was to surprise him with the news that I would be with him to celebrate his birthday, instead I was surprised.  Brandon had already planned to move Greece for the summer….

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A Summer in Prague

Eleven years since I first set foot in Prague, the city still holds all of its romance and wonder. My body floated with an overload of visual input as we drove in from the airport. Even in the dim of dusk the pastel of the buildings and the majesty of the spires held my giddy…

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The end of another school year

Hello there.  It’s been awhile. This blog is like a pair of jeans fresh out the laundry, I know they’re mine but they don’t fit the same way anymore.  The pockets are all folded up, the waist is a little snugger than I recall and the knees don’t have the same give as they used…

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Tomorrow, Today

Today I’m going to teach children about a device that can instantly calculate sums so large that if one were to count to them it would take a life time. A device that can present information from every encyclopedia set ever written in seconds. A device that can illustrate with beautiful vivid images of the…

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Christmas in Bali

Having grown up in the Northern Hemisphere, I grew accustomed to a white Christmas. Cool weather, a light dusting of snow on the ground, and large Pine trees with their green needles poking out from the cloudy snow piles that rest upon their branches; these are the signs that Christmas is nigh. The day begins to darken earlier…

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My trip down under  felt more like a trip back in time.  Maybe it is that Back to the Future Day* was the 21st of October, two days after we landed, maybe it is because the last time I touched down on this island was fifteen years ago when I was just a young lad,…

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Blue Jays!!!!

Still excited about the fact that the Jays came back from 2-0 series to win it. I have only been able to get highlights out here in HK, but if they make it to the World Series (fingers crossed) I may have to find a way to live stream the games. Let’s Go BlueJays!!

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