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'Journeys in Hong Kong and Beyond'

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a magical place where Tiffany’s and Dior share the block with fresh fish vendors and live chickens in cages awaiting their fate at the dinner table.  The high-rises sore to the clouds, shimmering in the hot sun, while below the city is alive with bargain shoppers and Ferrari drivers.  Few cities rival the multicultural feel of Hong Kong. Though the population may be ninety-five percent ethnic Chinese the cuisine, fashion and night life are as diverse as Toronto.  The high-rises are not the only objects in the skyline, Hong Kong’s diversity extends to its topography as well, giant green mounds covered in lush trees and carefully placed buildings of various colours jut out forming the landscape.

Twenty minutes from the city, through the mountain tunnels and along the narrow winding roads one arrives at a tropical paradise of white sands and salty ocean water. It is here, in Stanley, where I have the pleasure of working.  A Montessori in the middle of a newly renovated beach side town has become my new venue for education.  My job is to inspire young minds and install a sense of curiosity and creativity through digital mediums.  My goal is to have computers become their tool for creation, exploration and information.

The students are as diverse as the Special Administrative Region that hosts them.  They hail from round the globe and bring with them various customs and languages.  Despite their differences they all share a wonder for the world around them. An unquenchable thirst for knowledge, not always for what they are being taught at the moment, but constantly thirsty and forever present.  Visible in their eyes when that eureka moment occurs, and noticeable in their speech as it raises an octave and hastens in tempo. It is these moments every teachers is reminded why they took up the profession. That moment when we realize we have made a positive difference in the life of another. Our actual contribution is quite small, the child is the true engine in their train to discovery, we simply help lay the tracks. Through a variety of techno gadgets I hope to increase each individuals eureka moments.

Enthusiasm helps engage the students and encourages eureka moments.  I have attempted blogs in the past to share my experiences abroad and give my thoughts a venue.  This blog will share some of my travel experiences, some of my teaching experiences and some of my passions as the title suggests.  Most of all, this blog will help me learn and experience more of my own eureka moments and hopefully I will be able to use that knowledge and passion to inspire a lifelong love of learning in my students.  Hong Kong is my home for the foreseeable future. I am happy to be part of the five percent, to share my culture, enjoy the cuisine of many others and enthusiastically assist a passion for knowledge.

Fraser • 31/08/2014

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