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I never thought putting pixels to screen would leave me feeling bewildered, but here I am at my desk unsure what to type. My previous entry came so easily; I was in a new country with colourful, dominant and juxtaposing surroundings. My whole World had changed and the words poured out of me to share with all who would read. Now the words percolate like a cup of anticipated morning coffee. I need a jolt to steer me forward an idea, an experience, a spark to ignite the engine that will deliver perfectly ordered pixels onto the screen.

Stanley, my tropical home, lush, humid and often expensive. No, not right now.

The city beyond the tunnel, where some smells make you hold your breath for five steps and others make you float towards them like a cartoon bear after a picnic basket. Yes, that will do. Here the people walk unaware of their surroundings lost in their technology, their thoughts miles away in a cyber world. They amble down crowded streets like a school of fish in unison. Following the heels’ of the drone in front of them hoping, I’m sure, that that person will not lead them astray. It amazes me they arrive at their desired destination.

Motionless crowds of those lost or maybe just waiting, form at storefronts. Outside of the Apple store, selling the latest iPhone 6, you can find street vendors tempting impatient buyers with their pre-purchased iPhone 6’s, packaged in the same boxes without the same guarantee as you will find literally ten feet further along in an air conditioned Apple constructed outlet. It is a sight that routinely confuses me, especially now that the hype and lines have decreased significantly. Maybe they are those who have been led astray by the heels ahead or maybe their desire for the latest technology to plug into their cyber portal is so overwhelming that the vendors peg board draws them in. Maybe they are simply unaware that the Apple store is only steps away. The signage for the store is on the second floor of the building facade requiring a full neck tilt to see. A feat many hunched necks may no longer be able to manage.

I am still attached to my iPhone 4,sure it isn’t as fast and its screen is now a featherweight in a market of super heavyweights. But it fits nicely into my pocket and keeps me electronically leashed to the cyber World I have become accustom. I did not realize how important the Internet and all it brings with it, really was to me until I suffered ten whole days without it available in my apartment. Sure I could check e-mails and assure whom ever else would listen and myself that Scotland was still part of the glorious Union (Long Live the tired old looking Queen)  at school, but I could not send pictures home or talk to my loved ones face to pixilated, and often frozen face. I was lost and I told my Internet provider as much. PCCW heard from me on several occasions as they routinely canceled appointments to provide me my cyber fix. I was David to their Goliath, only my hopes of rising up as king are dubious as PCCW have a monopoly in my area. Goliaths Worldwide seem to be winning these days. We wee Davids may win a battle here and there, but the war has been long over, and like the frog in the slowly heated pot we have not realized the water is boiling all around us.

Wow, that got depressing fast. With the recent riots here in Hong Kong over China’s meddling in their democracy, my frustrations with banks and PCCW (my internet provider) and the overall state of the World with terrorists threatening global security and those Goliaths (large corporations) encouraging our constant state of fear I get a little… perturbed, and wordy (thanks English class). The truth is my life is grand. I have my health, a loving family whom I often miss but thanks to technology am able to keep in contact with frequently, and a new relationship full of laughter and joy. Oh and I live in a tropical paradise where everything may be more expensive than I am used to but I have a great job that helps with that. I am going to go outside and look up at the stars and then likely retreat back into my air conditioned flat and watch some stars on the television. Keep looking in for more thoughts from a wordy fellow in Hong Kong.

Fraser • 30/09/2014

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