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The Night Market

The night market opens as the sunsets two blocks west of Nathan Rd on Temple Street. Booths of steel pipes and mismatched tarps are constructed to host a variety of goods and hagglers alike.  The term night market is a little misleading, I arrived at nine o’clock expecting a night of bargaining but when midnight rolled around the tents were being dismantled and the money was being counted. It was still a good experience and really it would be hard to spend a whole night shopping there anyway.  Temple Street only goes along for a few blocks and the trappings in the stalls start to repeat.  Everything CANNOT be found at the night markets; I was expecting replica brand names, ornate clay teapots, houseplants, and… well, more, a lot more. Instead I found plastic in all of its various forms, food from the sea that’s scent lingered in the dense evening air, and ladies of the night looking as inconspicuous as they could on the corners and under the rent by an hour hotels, as I said ‘plastic in all of its various forms’.  The stalls had some interesting items, small wooden boxes made to look antique, some USB sticks masquerading as Yoda, Mickey Mouse, and other recognizable figures and paper cards that open up presenting a three dimensional work of art. I bought five 32GB USB sticks for the equivalent of $7 CAD only to discover that none of them actually worked. An inexpensive lesson learned.  Hong Kong is renowned for its shopping and although the night markets did not meet my lofty expectations HK has a lot more to offer and I have barely scratched the surface.

Fraser • 29/10/2014

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