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Dollar Stores?

Shopping at a dollar store in Canada one finds many items made in China.  Plastic toys, screwdrivers, paper party plates, and even the glassware all produced, processed and packaged in the Peoples Republic.  You can then sympathies with my assumption that here in Hong Kong the dollar stores would not only be ubiquitous but chalk full of inexpensive goods.  I naively believed that I would be able to buy just about anything and everything here for under a dollar. Part of the expense of the item would surely have been for its transport and thus having less distance to travel would be less expensive here, right? To my surprise items in HK ‘dollar stores’ start at a minimum $1.50 CAD and that is for plastic hair clips and eyeglasses with no lenses. The items in ‘dollar stores’ here range from $10 to $100 Hong Kong dollars and still look just as poorly made as the miscellany back home. The stores are not named after an amount of currency nor even a term suggesting inexpensive goods. The stores that carry everything from scented pouches for your sock drawers to clear plastic display boxes for your collection of miniatures go by Eon and Japan Home. And the goods within them are made in Japan.  That’s correct Bob; China exports its plastic crap to us only to import more plastic crap from Japan for its citizens and expatriates alike. I wonder where Canada exports its plastic crap? Hopefully it is not entirely to the Pacific Ocean. (Click on the first mention of dollar store in this article to be transported to a new page of visual wonder) And please follow my blog at the top right, to be updated via e-mail each time I write a new post, thanks.

Fraser • 01/11/2014

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