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Xmas and NYE Break in Thailand

I spent Christmas and New Years on the island of Samui in Thailand. The locals call it Koh Samui, but Koh means island and I didn’t want to be redundant.  I stayed at a four star resort for the entire relaxing two week vacation. Peace Resort provided Nance and I with continental breakfast each morning, which was the best reason to raise out of our most comfortable king size bed. Each day we were aroused by the thought of fresh fruit, hot pancakes with Nutella or golden maple syrup, endless breads and croissants, and bacon, glorious crunchy heart stopping bacon. I’m not going to say breakfast was the best part of the trip but it certainly was a highlight.

In addition to our endless trips to the breakfast buffet, The Peace Resort on Bophut Beach, was a pleasant place to spend the holidays. We had our own little brown hut complete with deck and access to the beachside pool. The weather was pleasant the majority of the time and the few days it did rain we had intended to stay in and relax and read that day anyhow. I polished off four books while there, thank you Kindle. We also managed to get out and do some shopping and sightseeing along with eating a variety of food outside of our resort. Food prices were so much more reasonable in Thailand compared to Hong Kong, I managed to loose my swimsuit six-pack just in time for the photos.

We ventured around the island a couple of times, first with Julie’s friend, Roland, who took us to some waterfalls and pointed out many Durian trees, then with an official tour group, Funny Day Tours. Julie was one of the servers at breakfast. She recommended we go with her friend for a private tour instead of with the group. It was a nice idea but Roland didn’t really have an idea of where to take us he thought we would tell him places. We made the best of it though and saw some beautiful views and our path was even crossed by a snake that looked like a big blade of grass. Roland helped it off the road so it would not get hit. I wish I had snapped a photo for you but alas my camera was buried in my bag at the time. The Funny Day Tour was much more touristic but being tourists we didn’t mind. We saw monkeys, crocs, and road on an elephant and visited several Buddha statues and waterfalls.

When we weren’t with guides Nance and I ventured around our Resort. We walked up and down the beach, along the main drag, and through out the Fishermen’s Village Promenade. We tried to walk to some further places, like the Big Buddha but realized that the road was not a safe place to walk along where the sidewalk ended.

Best of all we relaxed. In the first week we went to a spa and treated ourselves to a lovely couples package, and tried a Thai foot massage at one of the many massage parlours on the strip. I hate Thai massages, this little old lady jabbed the bottom of my feet with a little wooden tool, I winced so much that the two of them laughed at me, my masseuse and her friend massaging Nancy’s feet. Oh, well the spa package was fantastic and the little old lady took it easy on me after that.

Xmas and New Years were decent. We did the same thing essentially for both. Xmas eve we had dinner at the resort with entertainment and buffet and New Years we did the same. Though the entertainment for NYE was a little boring and we ended up heading back to the hut early and falling asleep by 11pm. What can I say, we’re a pair of old teachers.

Well, you have made it to the end of another long blog. Be sure to tune in again soon for my description of Camp with the kids from IMS. Spoiler: It wasn’t really camping as much as staying in a dorm with loud kids and running a netball station. But we left the Wednesday we got back after the holidays and it had its moments. Unfortunately I cannot share any of the photos with you, children’s privacy and all. The photos from Thailand are up though so check them out on the photograph page.

Fraser • 18/01/2015

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