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'Journeys in Hong Kong and Beyond'


Since Nance and I knew we were headed to Thailand for Christmas we figured it would be best to exchange gifts prior to our departure.   Among the many gifts we exchanged chocolate was one of the more popular. We had only been together for a couple of months at that point so we didn’t know too many things to get one another. That and it is hard to walk through a grocery store here in Hong Kong before xmas and not be tantalized by a wide variety of chocolate goodies. Not only is there a variety of brands, but each brand has numerous ways of making you desire their chocolates even more. And lets be honest, it is ‘even more’ because they could sell chocolate in brown paper bags with the word poison written in a large bold font or like cigarettes with pictures of what too much could do to your teeth and waist line and we would still buy chocolate. Ferreo Rocher, Cadbury, Toblerone, Lindt, Ritter Sport…. mmmm…. How can we resist? So Nance and I bought chocolates for one another, because you can’t buy gifts for yourself before xmas and you can’t not buy chocolates when they are packaged so temptingly in their brightly coloured boxes, golden pyramids, and shiny foil wraps. The result of two chocoholics buying xmas chocolate for each other can be seen in the photographs. My Canadian blood forces me to apologies for so many references to CHOCOLATE making you likely crave it as you read and thus potentially breaking that New Years resolution you so adamantly wanted to keep. Come on, who are you kidding, it is CHOCOLATE, go enjoy a piece or two or three or ten.

Fraser • 19/01/2015

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