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I was going to post a blog about the diet I intended to take, but then I realized that if I post it I have to stick with it, and that was not going to happen. Instead, I am going to blog about all the wonderful food I have been chewing down on here in Hong Kong. And I’m going to relate it all back to that odd, alliterating title of mine.

Since I arrived, I have enjoyed a variety of delicious cuisine; chicken tikka, papadums, and samosa by way of India, green curries and pad-thai courtesy of Thailand, Vietnamese Pho, rich creamy pastas and thick cheese stuffed crust pizza inspired by Italy, and my personal favourite, Hamburgers from Murica. I don’t know if it is because it took me a while to find a good burger here or if it’s just because they are so succulent, but I have had some of the best hamburgers of my life here in Hong Kong. I’ll admit, I thought it would be hard to find a decent hamburger here; I knew they would have McDonalds but that’s not even a good burger. In South Korea the only decent hamburger I could find was at a Golf Club two provinces over from where I lived, and it was costly and nothing to write home about, until now to mention its mediocrity.

Here in Hong Kong I have found two blog worthy burger joints, one in Causeway Bay called BLT Burgers. This unsuspecting place next the to the Chanel beauty counter serves a really thick, juicy burger cooked to your liking with four different choices of french fries.  As advertised they garnish the burger with Bacon Lettuce and Tomato. To throw in an added bonus they import A&W Root Beer to help you wash it all down with, or you can add some ice cream and float that needle a little higher next time you dare to step on the scale. IMG_1612The second blog worthy burger joint is the Butchers Club. They are so sure you’ll enjoy their burger that it is the only thing they have on their menu. With an atmosphere reminiscent of Webbers, if Webbers were in a crowded city and didn’t have the cool cabooses, and was instead jammed into the first floor of a small, sloping street side building. You got me, it is nothing like Webbers, but you can see them cooking up the burgers and even making the fresh patties. The kitchen is no bigger than a small bar, intact I think that is what it once used to be. Every step of burger creation is completely visible to the patron. They grease the buns on the grill making them slightly toasted, the cheese is fresh and melted to perfection, the bacon is cooked not crispy but not slimy either it is in that terribly hard to master range that makes it a perfect condiment on a burger. Cooking bacon to perfection is similar to a pear ripening; the window between hard as a rock and soft slop is very thin. I know what some of you are thinking, Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.34.08 AMbacon is perfect because it is bacon, and that is hard to disagree with, however bacon is best on a burger when it is cooked just right and The Butchers Club knows how to make it so. No burger is complete without good fries and The Butchers Club is far more confident than BLT Burgers when it comes to French fries. They offer one option, delicious, salty, Duck Fat Fries. And while A&W Root Beer is good Dr. Pepper is better and The Butchers Club has them both.

I rarely eat burgers here, partially because I do need to loose some weight as I suggest above but also because both of these burger joints are a twenty-minute bus ride away at minimum and they are not easy on the bank account.  One thing I do tend to eat, rather drink, on  a frequentIMG_1659 basis is Coke. For those of you who know me well this comes as no surprise. I have had a coke addiction for sometime now, fortunately my coke addiction is of the very legal and far from white variety.  It should again come as no surprise than that when I spotted Coca-Cola Life with its green label I got a little excited. So much so in fact, that I bought a litre and a half bottle for the equivalent of $5 Canadian.  This green Coca-cola bottle boasts ‘sweetness from natural sources’ and a lower calorie count than regular Coke.  ‘Natural sources’, because sugar cane is not natural?  I had to try some.  And now that I have, allow me to save you the trouble, or rather strange taste and cost.  It tasted more chemically than Diet Coke and that is full of aspartame. I’ll stick with Coca-Cola Zero thanks. Coke can be part of my life but I don’t need ‘life’ in the title every time I have one.

Now to wrap it all up and relate it to the title.  Pulsars are one of the last stages of a supernova’s death. Supernova’s as well as pulsars are a type of star just like our Sun. Without the sun nothing on Earth would have energy to grow.  Plants use photosynthesis to change sunlight into energy and cows eat plants to grow into hamburger and baseball glove factories.* So there you have it, without stars there would be no plants and without plants there would be no cows and without cows there would be no BLT Burgers or Butchers Club Burgers or ‘Natural Sweetener Sources’ for Coca-Cola Life. It all relates. Oh, Present Participles, well without those I would not be able to entertain you with this wonderful blog that you have been reading.  And have now finished, thanks for reading, check back again soon for more Pulsars, Plants and Present Participles.

*Sorry animal lovers, cows are a result of human intervention, without us they would not be around in the form they are today. If from some miracle they were a naturally evolved species and humankind did not exist; wolves, coyotes and cats of all kind would eradicate their population so swiftly they would not last but a few pulses from pulsar CP 1919.

Fraser • 20/02/2015

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