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Year One

In a couple days I will have completed my first year with International Montessori School Hong Kong, Stanley campus.  It has been a wonderful year and I hope to complete several more. I have worn many hats, aside from teaching Information Technology and providing individual student support, I have been the sound engineer for all of the school productions, I have taught math enrichment to a handful of upper primary students, and for the last three months I got to be the sailing supervisor. I have learned a lot and had some unforgettable experiences.  I will be sad to see some of my colleagues go, though that is the nature of international schools full of international teachers.  Several of my favourite students will also be leaving some graduating and others relocated because of their parent’s job.   Next year will bring new faces and some trusted old ones too.  For the first time I feel a real connection to a school. As unfortunate as it is that it is literally on the other side of the globe from where I would ideally like to call home, I am happy here.

Yes, I will likely be here in HK for a few more years.  I intend on acquiring a Montessori degree and IMS has offered to pay my way as long as I commit to working for them a little longer. The good news for those of you in Canada, is that I will be able to acquire my degree in Toronto over the course of three consecutive summers. Thus, starting in 2016 I will be home for two months each summer. I’ll be busy with school work most of that time but that won’t stop me from having fun.

Keep checking in for more photos, ramblings and random facts. Bamboo is a grass, when treated properly it is as strong as steal yet still light weight and flexible.  Due to its undeniable strength and sustainability it is commonly used as scaffolding though out Hong Kong.



Fraser • 22/06/2015

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  1. Nancy Dumbrel 27/06/2015 - 2:53 pm Reply

    I have not checked your blog lately and am pleased to find new enteries. Having visited you in your new home I know how lovely it is. It is a long way away but as close as FaceTime and e mail. Your sailing photo is great.

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