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Tomorrow, Today

Today I’m going to teach children about a device that can instantly calculate sums so large that if one were to count to them it would take a life time. A device that can present information from every encyclopedia set ever written in seconds. A device that can illustrate with beautiful vivid images of the largest galactic bodies, and the microscopic details of a tardigrade. A device so precise that it can aid in surgery, yet so simple that with a few instructions anyone can begin to use it. It sparked the information highway, which brought the world together in the blink of an eye, and put the answer to every query at ones finger tips. Thanks to generations of bright and inventive minds before me, I can happily say I live in the future. A world where the device described above can be held in the palm of my hand, a world where this device is so ubiquitous that it has found its way into almost every aspect of life. Through innovation and perseverance it has become faster, smaller, more precise and easier to use. It has inspired new, and revolutionized countless creations. Named after humans who once took weeks and months to perform the tasks it takes on in milliseconds, the computer, has changed the world by making tomorrow, today. I teach in the future to the future; I teach computers.

Fraser • 29/01/2016

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