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The end of another school year

Hello there.  It’s been awhile.

This blog is like a pair of jeans fresh out the laundry, I know they’re mine but they don’t fit the same way anymore.  The pockets are all folded up, the waist is a little snugger than I recall and the knees don’t have the same give as they used to. When last I wrote I had just returned to school from Christmas break, now as I type summer is upon us and school has wound down.  So much has happened in the past six months yet I never had the urge to write about it.  Living in Hong Kong has become comfortable like, if I may, an old pair of jeans. You don’t show off your old jeans, you barely even think about them, they just get thrown on and you go about your day.  Hong Kong is wonderful, but it is also comfortable, so much so that I don’t think to write about it anymore.  Hiking the Dragon’s Back, visiting Kowloon Park, eating at Gordon Ramsay’s  Bread Street Kitchen and Bar, all these things are blog worthy events yet I didn’t think to write about them at the time.  They were life. Events that no longer seemed blog worthy, jeans that had not been washed in a long time, not that I show off my washed jeans ever. I think this metaphor has gotten a little mangled, like jeans fresh out the wash, hahahaha.

So yes it has been a long time since I have blogged.  Life is good.  Summer school starts next week which means Friday the 24th of June is the last day of the school year. Two years at IMS completed.  Next year the Tin Hau campus will merge with Stanley (my campus). It means a farewell to some good friends and of course an opportunity to become closer with others.  At summer school I am going to try my hand at making a few promotional films for the school.  I have already made a few short films, three for the talent show and a happy birthday video for one of the Montessori heads that helped our school gain it AMI accreditation. I’m excited to explore the greater potential of my computer and it is likely to be a less sweaty experience than teaching phys.ed. Mind you just walking to school is enough to have me sweating buckets, but it is to be expected seeing as I essentially live in a jungle.  It’s well worth it, the other day I saw three turtles, two frogs, several species of birds, insects galore and four ponds of koi all on my walk home, and that is pretty typical.  At sailing the kids and I spotted at least four jellyfish and as many as 196 (all depends on whose count you want to rely on), ten or so sea urchins, crabs of all sizes, schools of fish, clams, and one tiny octopus. Life here is beautiful, colourful, unique and everywhere.  The same can be said for Canada as well, just that life there is no longer exotic.  It is exotic to those here however as proof by the fact that the local free zoo keeps a racoon in the same vicinity as the orangutans.

Here are a few photos from the last six months, quite a bit has transpired in that time so I will just present the highlights.


Here is a photo I took at our school camp back in April.  The kids and I had the opportunity to skin dive, hunt for crayfish in the mangroves, coasteering, and much much more.  Unfortunately my camera batteries ran out just before I went skin diving otherwise I would have been able to share photos of the coral reef.  It was no Great Barrier  Reef I am sure but it was  sight to see.



Here are a couple of photos from a hike I did with some friends. The mountain we hiked is called the Dragon’s Back.  It was  lovely time.


Nance and I bought some art for the wall and some new furniture back in January to make the house feel more like a home and to gain an extra sleeping area while her two sisters and her uncle came to visit.


This is a shot from my new favourite sight in Hong Kong, The Kowloon Walled City Park.


Some colleagues and I aiming our students work in the MTR terminal.


Nance and I spent the day at Ocean Park over our Easter break.  This roller coaster sits right on the edge of the cliff.  It was an amazing ride and provided a stunning vantage point.

Red Pandas

A couple of Red Pandas getting fed at Ocean Park



Back in January I hiked the twins with my principal Stephen.  He is closer to retirement then I yet he left me in his dust going up the stairs.  We hiked up three mountains in total.  There were a couple times I thought it’d be better to just start rolling down but I persevered and made it to the top of all three mountains and down again to home all within an hour and a half.


The geek in me has been enjoying life, I entered a tournament for Magic the Gathering which resulted in some new friends and another reason to go to the city.

That’s all from me for now I am off to play some Magic the Gathering.


Fraser • 23/06/2016

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