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First Day Back to Work

It’s Monday afternoon, quarter after four, by the time I am done this entry I’ll be on my way home from IMS.  Today we met for day 1 of staff week, the kids will arrive next Monday.  We started the day with all the campuses together in the hall here at my own campus Stanley, there are four campuses in total with about 150 staff.  I went a long time last year without any blog entries and I think it is because I didn’t feel I had much to write about. My life was routine, not in a bad way, just that I didn’t realize the excitement or in to be honest didn’t hanker down and write about all the little joys and experiences.  Today; however, I realized that I am living the dream.  I teach with an amazing group of people, for people who genuinely appreciate me and encourage me to meet my full potential.  I walk to work through a beautiful garden.  I have a quite, new office on the fifth floor which means I can take the stairs and improve my health or be me and ride the elevator.  The point is that I am happy here, sure I miss friends and family back home, but this morning in the hall I didn’t want to be anywhere else.  We’ll see what is like when the kids arrive but today I am going home loving my job.

Fraser • 22/08/2016

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