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Greek Excursion #The Booths

When I bought my plane ticket to Prague I was under the assumption that my old friend Brandon was still living there.  My intention was to surprise him with the news that I would be with him to celebrate his birthday, instead I was surprised.  Brandon had already planned to move Greece for the summer.  He rented a lovely villa on a hill overlooking the sea, he moved to a little slice of paradise.  My travel plans were already set, hotel booked for three weeks and airplane seats registered.  But, it was his birthday so I made the trip to Greece. Four days of dry heat and crystal clear beaches.  The villa on the hilla had a pool and a great view of the night sky, it had been a long time since i had seen that many stars. Plus we had the chance to see several shooting stars, due to the Perseids. The food was some of the best I have ever tasted, fresh and full of flavour. Moussaka is a must try for any of you foodies out there and the fresh in season figs were amazing.  We may not have seen a lot of history while we were there, no parthenon or old Greek statues but the food and friends made it a trip I will not soon forget.

Brandon was not the only Booth I had the privilege of catching up with on my trip to Prague. Dave and Joanna flew in from London to visit for a couple days the first week we arrived.  We joined them for beers in Old Town Square and beers outside Old Town Square and dinner and beers at Yami which is around the corner from Old Town Square. Essentially I had more beer that day than I had had in a long while and it was noticeable the next day, which unfortunately meant I did not meet up with them the following day for beers.


Dave and I in Old Town Square


Out for dinner at Yami



view from a front yard pool


Moni island across the way


Dinner out with Brandon and Klaudie


Dinner on the beach


in the water at Moni island


pano from the beach at Moni


Brandon’s villa atop the hill.


view two from the villa


Happy Birthday Brandon!!!


A white whale promoting Coke Zero in the pool


Last day in Greece, across from the pier.

Greece offered a relaxing time with friends, sun, fun, and cool water, oh and really really good food.  It was great catching up with the Booth Brothers.

Fraser • 22/08/2016

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  1. Dave Booth 22/08/2016 - 11:04 am Reply

    Anyone want a beer?

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