Pulsars, Plants, and Present Participles

'Journeys in Hong Kong and Beyond'

A Summer in Prague

Eleven years since I first set foot in Prague, the city still holds all of its romance and wonder. My body floated with an overload of visual input as we drove in from the airport. Even in the dim of dusk the pastel of the buildings and the majesty of the spires held my giddy…

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Christmas in Bali

Having grown up in the Northern Hemisphere, I grew accustomed to a white Christmas. Cool weather, a light dusting of snow on the ground, and large Pine trees with their green needles poking out from the cloudy snow piles that rest upon their branches; these are the signs that Christmas is nigh. The day begins to darken earlier…

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I’m Not a Foodie

I was going to post a blog about the diet I intended to take, but then I realized that if I post it I have to stick with it, and that was not going to happen. Instead, I am going to blog about all the wonderful food I have been chewing down on here in Hong…

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Since Nance and I knew we were headed to Thailand for Christmas we figured it would be best to exchange gifts prior to our departure.   Among the many gifts we exchanged chocolate was one of the more popular. We had only been together for a couple of months at that point so we didn’t know…

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